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We desire to glorify God in all that we do, and we seek to honor God by exalting in the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. We are a Confessional Reformed Baptist Church delighting in the covenant love of God. We desire to be God-Centered and Gospel-Saturated in all that we do and are a part of. We seek to be a loving, diverse community of vibrant worshipers of the Triune God that touch the City to which we are called.  

12/10/2016    Evangelism
     Detailed Info About Evangelism
12/11/2016    Celebration of Communion
     Detailed Info About Celebration of Communion
12/11/2016    Churchwide Christmas party
     Detailed Info About Churchwide Christmas party
12/16/2016    Women's Ministry Fellowship
     Detailed Info About Women's Ministry Fellowship
12/17/2016    Mercy Ministry Event-Food Project @ The Mission
     Detailed Info About Mercy Ministry Event-Food Project @ The Mission
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