Weekly Catechism for 2019 - Lord's Day 16

The Baptist Catechism 1693 | Questions 30 - 31

30. Wherein did Christ’s humiliation consist?
Christ’s humiliation consisted in his being born, and that in a low condition (Luk 2:7), made under the Law (Gal 4:4); undergoing the miseries of this life (Heb 12:2-3; Isa 53:2-3), the wrath of God (Luk 22:44; Mat 27:46), and the cursed death of the cross (Phi 2:8); in being buried (1Co 15:3-4), and continuing under the power of death for a time (Act 2:24- 27, 31; Mat 12:40).

31. Wherein consisteth Christ’s exaltation?
Christ’s exaltation consisteth in His rising again from the dead on the third day (1Co 15:4), in ascending up into heaven (Mar 16:19), in sitting at the right hand of God the Father (Eph 1:20), and in coming to judge the world at the Last Day (Act 1:11; 17:31).