Weekly Update

 NEW Lord’s Day EVENING Service

A weekly evening service-Join us at 5PM


 Website Resources

Check out our completely new website at gracebaptistchapel.net

And the various resources for members available on the member’s link.


 Book Nook/Library Additions

“God’s Battle Plan for the Mind” –a book on Christian meditation which distills some of the Puritan writings. It’s very practical.

Reset by David Murray - This is specifically for Christian men on the verge of burnout or who already are.


Sermon Resource

Want to listen to Grace sermons, Sunday School lessons, etc. on your smartphone device?  Download the SermonAudio app and look up our church.  All our recent resources are there for listening or download.  You can still go to our church website to find them as well.


Next Mercy Ministry Opportunity

Saturday, May 20-Food Ministry-Peninsula Rescue Mission.

Please make plans to attend, older children are welcome to come.

We’ll prepare a meal, have gospel conversations with the men and clean up,

all from 4-6pm.


Catechism Update

Want to catch up on the catechism?  We have undertaken Questions 1-27.

 Join us- Catechism Found Here: http://www.chapellibrary.org/files/4213/7643/2896/cwpr.pdf