Small Groups

Small groups meeting at different times and homes throughout the week for prayer, Bible Study and Life Together. This is the primary outlet of community and ministry within the weekly life of the church. We seek to be involved in each other's lives in community and in the spurring of one another on towards Christ. These groups offer opportunities for fellowship, care, Bible study, prayer and further connection among one another throughout the weeks.


Every two or three months, the entire church gathers for fun, fellowship and sharing. These events complement our small group ministry as they focus on the entire body gathering together for a meal, an activity, an event or trip.

Sunday School

Each Sunday morning, we gather together at 9:30 am to study, fellowship and learn in a class-like setting about biblical texts, topics and themes-varies throughout the year. Age-graded options for children up through fifth grade, although they are welcome to attend adult Sunday School with their parents.



Men's and Women's Initiatives

Throughout the year, the men of our church gather together for fellowship and prayer as well as one on one fellowship.  The Women of our church often meet once per month for a Fellowship and are also involved in regular Bible studies together.  This is a supportive piece of the main weekly Lord's Day ministry of our church through the Preaching of the Word.

Children & Students

We seek to shepherd the hearts of children and Students and point them towards Christ. We offer a variety of Bible Study opportunities for various ages.  While we view the family as the primary participant in the discipleship of children, we view the church as a partner in this work.  We seek to have a balanced approach to age-graded and intergenerational ministry opportunities.  We do offer age-graded classes for children.